This term has been a busy term for our sporting teams. We have had rugby league, dance, netball, athletics as well as some school basketball competitions. 

Our athletics champions have yet to be announced on this platform! The following students were crowned athletic champions for their respective age groups:

Under 12 Girl Laila Oliver 

Under 12 boy Isaac Beckett

Under 13 girl Indianna Lee

Under 13 boy Perrin Davis 

Under 14 girl Dallyce Rose

Under 14 boy Lincoln Hutchinson

Under 15 girl Isabelle Youman

Under 15 boy Zach Fitzpatrick 

Under 16 girl Gabby Dray 

Under 16 boy Jake Maranda

Open Girl Imogen DellaBosca

Open Boy Haymish BayerBarrow

Solomon were crowned athletic champions!

We then had 15 students travel to Dubbo to compete in the Diocesan Athletics Carnival.  Many students placed and also broke their own PB’s. Notable achievements include Laila Oliver of year 7 winning the javelin and Jorja Bailey of year 12 winning the shot put and finishing 2nd in the discus. These two students were chosen to represent Bathurst at the NSW CCC Athletics Carnival held in Homebush. Unfortunately, the carnival was cancelled due to a safety concern and due to the late timing in the term it was cancelled rather than postponed. Indiana Lee of year 7 who narrowly missed qualifying for the NSW CCC has qualified and will compete next term in the NSW All Schools Athletics Carnival. I look forward to reporting on her achievements. 

Both our girls league tag and boys intermediate basketball teams have been training for their upcoming competitions next term. The girls travel to Bathurst in a gala day format to play against a host of schools from the Central West, whilst our boys travel to Sydney to play in the NSW CCC Championships. This team qualified for this event earlier in the year when they were crowned Diocesan Champions. Again, I look forward to reporting on their achievements. 

In local news, I am aware that many students have hung up their boots for their winter sports. Many students were lucky to be involved in local grand finals across netball, hockey, rugby league and soccer. Some of our teachers were also involved both as proud parents and players! 

Good luck to the boys playing and representing group 10 in rugby league over this coming weekend. Hopefully we can have some success here as well. Thank you to all students who participated in the basketball competition and get ready for the touch football tournament to be held during term 4!

Mr Carroll

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Junior Summer Indoor Soccor Competition

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Year 7-9 Pastoral Care Co-ordinator

As we find ourselves at the close of Term 3, I would like to extend my best wishes to all our students, staff, families and community for a safe and enjoyable holiday break. This term has been an incredible journey of growth, learning, and self-discovery for our students in Years 7-9. It is with great pride that I take this opportunity to reflect on the past term's accomplishments and look forward to the exciting challenges that lie ahead for our students.

First and foremost, I want to congratulate our dedicated Year 12 students who have reached the finish line of their high school journey. You have exhibited resilience, determination, and a commendable work ethic throughout year 12. As you embark on the HSC early in Term 4, know that we are behind you every step of the way. You have our full support, and we have no doubt that you will achieve your goals and shine brightly in your endeavours.
To our Year 11 students, who have recently completed their final preliminary exams, well done! Your hard work, commitment, and enthusiasm have not gone unnoticed and can surely be seen through your assessment results. As you transition into Year 12 content in Term 4, remember that this is a crucial step toward achieving your academic aspirations. Keep up the work, and never hesitate to seek guidance and support when needed.
Our school's Pastoral Care program has been a wonderful success this term, fostering personal growth and creating a supportive and nurturing environment for our students. We've delved into various topics, each designed to enhance emotional intelligence and overall well-being. Here's a quick overview of some of the key themes we explored:

  • Gratitude: We emphasised the importance of appreciating the present moment and the people who enrich our lives. Practising gratitude can have a profound impact on our overall happiness and well-being.
  • Living in the Moment: Our students learned the significance of mindfulness and being present in their daily lives. This practice can help reduce stress and improve focus and self-awareness.
  • Personal Goals: We encouraged our students to set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals, empowering them to strive for personal growth and achievement.
  • Character Strengths: Identifying and nurturing one's character strengths is a key aspect of personal development. We explored how embracing these strengths can lead to greater self-confidence and resilience.
  • Safety Police Talk: Our local youth liaison police officer ran sessions on safety awareness, equipping our students with the knowledge and skills to stay safe in various situations.
  • Bullying No Way Day: We came together as a school community to raise awareness about the importance of creating a safe and inclusive environment, where bullying has no place.
  • Acts of Kindness: Students actively engaged in acts of kindness, spreading positivity and compassion throughout our school community.
  • Are You Okay Day: We highlighted the significance of mental health and the importance of checking in on our friends and loved ones.
    I wish to express my gratitude to our staff for their hard work and dedication, and our students for their active participation in our Years 7-9 Pastoral Care program. Your enthusiasm for personal growth and commitment to fostering a positive and supportive school environment are truly commendable.
    I wish you all a restful and enjoyable holiday break. Relax, enjoy family time, and have plenty of laughter. We look forward to welcoming you back in Term 4, ready to tackle new challenges and create more meaningful experiences together.
    Once again, congratulations to our Year 12 students, and best of luck to all as we embark on the next chapter of our educational journey.

Positive reinforcement changes behaviour for the better, while criticism stabilises negative behaviours and blocks change.
Virginia H. Pearce

Mrs Wilsmore-Smith 
Year 7-9 Pastoral Welfare Coordinator

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Assistant Principal

Term 4 Mobile Policy Changes 

A reminder to all students and carers that from Day 1, Term 4 (Tuesday October 10th for students)  the new Mobile Phone policy will be in place. The changes at La Salle Academy are in line with the same mobile phone bans in all NSW Department of Education and other schools in our diocese. The details are as follows:

A Mobile Phone Visibility ban will be in place from from 9.00am – 3.20pm.
Students using phone for any purpose during this time will have their phone confiscated. There will be no additional warnings.
If a student uses a phone at any time, (this includes for telling the time, checking Compass or paying at the canteen) the following actions will be taken. 
1st Offence/term:    Collect at 3.20pm
2nd Offence/term:    Collect at 3.20pm
3rd Offence/term:   Parents need to collect from the Office (when they can)
4th Offence/term:  Parents need to collect from the Office (when they can)
5th Offence/term:  Suspension for an inability to follow school rules  
In order to ensure the security of student devices the following Confiscation Protocols:

  • Students will be sent to the office to hand in their phone. 
  • Students will write their name on an envelope and secure the phone inside.
  • The Envelope will be placed in a lock box in the reception.
  • Students will be given a receipt to show the teacher they have handed the phone in.

(Teachers will not handle any phones)

If parents need to contact their child by phone at any time during the school day they should do so via the school office. 
HSC Exams 
Congratulations to al of our graduating students, especially those who received awards  at our Awards Ceremony today. Details and images of the graduation ceremonies wil be publishe din the coming weeks.
Our HSC Examination period at La Salle Academy will begin on Wednesday, October 11th with English Paper 1 and conclude with the final exam for our cohort,  Physics on November 2nd. We wish our students the very best in the final phase of their preparation in the coming weeks. I would like to especially thank all of their teacher for their ongoing support of our Year 12 students some of which will be running additional revision workshops in the holidays. 

Have a wonderful and restful holiday!
Katie Bennett

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From the REC

Year 10 Reflection Day
All Year 10 students attended a reflection day on Friday September 15. The theme was service and
the day was facilitated by the Young La Sallians.
Student reflections:
“The reflection day was insightful and informational/ It has taught me and my classmates the true
meaning of service. I feel as though I can better enrich my life by providing a helping hand to others.
We all had fun. A big thanks to Josh and Seb.”
Brooke McDonald

My Reflection Day was quite enjoyable. We played games. The point that stuck out to me were the
red and black statistics. It was interesting to see so many world problems that are just escalating. I
wish to do it again.
Bella McMurtie

Year 9 Reflection Day
All Year 9 students attended a reflection day on Thursday September 14. The theme was
relationships and the day was facilitated by the Young La Sallians.

Prayer for the Graduating students of 2023
Lord, as we celebrate the achievements of our Year 12 graduates, we thank you for the talents,
dedication, and hard work that have brought them to this moment. Bless them with wisdom, courage,
and a bright future as they step into new opportunities and continue their journeys. May they always
be guided by your grace. Amen

God Bless
Ms Belinda Redden

Year 9 Reflection day

Year 10 Reflection Day

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School Zones Reminder

A reminder to all our parents that school zones remain in place for the safety of our children and families. School zones operate on all gazetted school days, which are all the days the school is open, even pupil free days. 

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From the Finance Officer

2023 School Fees
Any family that does NOT receive their School Fee Statement via email is asked to contact the school office to ensure that the correct email address is listed in our system.

2023 Billing Dates
Term 1 billing date 03/03/2023 and instalment due date 17/03/2023
Term 2 billing date 05/05/2023 and instalment due date 19/05/2023
Term 3 billing date 28/07/2023 and instalment due date 11/08/2023
Please note that school fees are charged over the first three terms, therefore no school fee charge in Term 4.

Payment Arrangements
Families wishing to make a payment arrangement can contact the school office. Payment arrangements are made by Direct Debit. Payment plans of up to 52 weeks are available. Please obtain a copy of the Direct Debit Authority Form to set up a direct debit payment.

For your information:
Payments can be made by the following payment options:
Account balances can be accessed on Compass and payments can be made via the Compass app.
BPAY Payment references are printed on the statements.
Direct Debit Forms are available from the school office and a copy is attached below.
EFTPOS is available in the school office and  can be used for payments over the telephone.
Centrepay Forms are available from the CentreLink Office
Please do not hesitate to contact Mary Cassar, School Finance Officer, if you would like assistance with any matters in relation to school fees.

Mary Cassar

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Year 10-12 Pastoral Care Co-ordinator

What a busy two weeks these last ones of Term 3 have been.
Last night, Year 12 and their families attended the Graduations Mass and Dinner at the Lithgow Workmens Club. It was a beautiful evening with the students enjoying themselves in the company of family and friends. They received their Graduation folders from Mr Carpenter. Speeches were made by Mr Carpenter, myself, Mrs Lyndall Marshall, on behalf the parents and finally, from School captains, Nina Sheather and Jed Simcoe. “A Trip Down Memory Lane” slideshow was prepared and shown by Jasmin Pyne. Mr Carpenter had the last laugh by showing a video of bloopers containing Year 12 students in the preparation of his regular Vlogs.
Today, the whole school attended the Graduation Awards in the hall. This was also attended by Father Garry, Sister Anne, Vince Connor of the CEDB as well as guests from local organisations who have sponsored awards.
Congratulations to the major prize recipients:

  • Zig Zag Motel and Frankie’s Restaurant Business Studies Award – Jed Simcoe
  • Zig Zag Motel and Frankie’s Restaurant Artistry in Creative Arts – Nina Sheather
  • Zig Zag Motel and Frankie’s Restaurant Creativity in TAS – Ava Nicholls
  • J. Hooker Award for Excellence in English – Will Drengenberg
  • J. Hooker Award for Excellence in Maths – Jed Simcoe
  • Lithgow Garden Club Agriculture Award – Vincent Rummery
  • University of Notre Dame Excellence in Science – Jed Simcoe
  • University of Newcastle Vice Chancellor’s Award – Grace Dean
  • Andrew Gee Award for Continued Improvement – Jorja Bailey
  • Black Gold Award or Consistent Effort – Sophie Lane
  • Energy Australia Award for school and Community Service – Imogen Della Bosca
  • Ampol All-Rounder Award – Nathan Marshall
  • Australian Defence Force Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Award – Jed Simcoe
  • Australian Defence Force Long Tan Future Innovators Award – Will Drengenberg
  • Mary MacKillop Award – Grace Dean
  • Lasallian Award – Nina Sheather

Major Academic Awards:

  • Dux year 12, 2023 – Jed Simcoe
  • 2nd Place, year 12, 2023 – Will Drengenberg
  • 3rd Place, year 12, 2023 – Ava Nicholls

Congratulations to the listed students on their wonderful achievements. They still have a few weeks before the commencement of the HSC, so it is important that they don’t start the celebrations too soon.

Year 11 have just completed their Preliminary Exams. I would like to commend them on how seriously they approached the exams. They will receive their results next term. The upcoming holidays will be the only ones between now and their HSC when they do not have the pressures of school work hanging over their heads and their HSC studies commence in Term 4.

Year 10 last week engaged in a Reflection Day with the Young Lasallians. It was a very though provoking day for the young people, questioning how they can be of service to others. The students got a lot out of the day. My concern however is the number of students who were absent, thinking that such a day is not a compulsory day at school. As Catholic school we expect all students to attend such religious events.

Photos of the above-mentioned events will appear in the next newsletter.

I wish everyone a safe and restful holiday. For me, I am looking forward to a relaxing week in the Cook Islands after what has been a very busy term.

Mrs Bernadette Hicks
Pastoral Welfare Co-ordinator Years 10 – 12
Careers Adviser

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From the Principal

Although the Year 12 cohort bid farewell to the normal school experience at La Salle Academy, they now start their preparations for the HSC exams. This is very much indicative of life – when one journey stops, another starts. But what remain consistent is character, endeavour and integrity. In a speech to the parents/guardians of our graduating students on Thursday night, I reminded everyone that we work in partnership with our families to model and promote the values of our faith and community. We should be aiming to develop young adults who are aspirational, respectful, responsible and someone that is socially just and works for the common good of all. This journey is not always easy and different people step up to help guide, counsel, direct, support and motivate our students.

One of the biggest challenges facing our youth in modern society is the growth of commercial and material influences. At times, it is easy to focus on our own needs and wants and be self-indulgent at the expense of the consideration, care and concern of others. A large part of our Catholic faith is to be considerate of others, love thy neighbour. A simple means of doing this is to show gratitude and appreciation for those that have helped us. I asked our graduating class to consider this question this week and reflect on the teachers, mentors, parents, guardians, grandparents who have all helped them reach this pinnacle in their schooling.   I asked the students to park their own self interests to one side and use this special week to show and demonstrate their gratitude. I was happy with the response of our graduates and the reflections that they made this week.

This should be a core element of our everyday business at La Salle Academy. Before looking beyond our valley, and beyond our school boundaries, we need to consider whether we engage in an attitude of gratitude and if we demonstrate behaviours that are consistent with respecting ‘thy neighbour’. The answer mostly is yes, but there are times when this is not happening and there are certain behaviours that are allowed to happen because we do not challenge them, we are too afraid of ‘snitching’ rather than a demonstration of real care and concern for others and doing what is right. This is a challenge that we at La Salle Academy are determined to overcome. With the appointment of our new student leadership team this week, we look to set ourselves goals that our entire student population can work towards. Developing young people who demonstrate character, endeavour and integrity who are focused on the care, concern and compassion for the other - needs to be at the core of our 2024 business. We work in partnerships with our families and hope that we can all work together as a Lasallian community to provide the very best outcomes in a safe and supportive environment for all.
Our recent 70th Anniversary was another reason to celebrate this wonderful community. It was wonderful to see many alumni and ex-staff members return to our community and recount many fond experiences of La Salle Academy.   The appreciation for the school and the platform that it provided for the many success stories was heart warming and entertaining. Many of our visitors expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to return and commented on the wonderful student and staff ambassadors of our school in 2023. It was a fantastic day and I am thankful for all those that supported this event – staff, students, visitors and the parish (thank you to the choir for their exceptional preparation and singing on the Sunday).
I continue to be excited by the journey that lies ahead for our school. Congratulations to our Year 12’s – I hope you have enjoyed your graduation events this week and can reflect positively on your time at La Salle Academy. Congratulations to our incoming student leaders for 2024. I am excited to work with these leaders and the entire Year 12, 2024 cohort and we look to continue building the pride of Lithgow, La Salle Academy.
I wish all students and families a safe and restful break (for those on holidays) as we look forward to commencing Term Four on Tuesday 10th October.

God Bless
Mr Glenn Carpenter

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Fathers Day

Father's Day at Three Tree Lodge was a heartwarming affair this year as the Student Representative Council (SRC) spent a special Father's Day celebration at the retirement home, making it a day to remember for both the residents and the students.

The highlight of the event was a delicious barbecue feast, where SRC volunteers took charge of the barbeques, sizzling up mouthwatering treats for everyone. It was a delightful sight to see young and old bonding over good food and great conversations.
SRC members spent quality time with the residents, sharing stories, handing out cards.

SRC's Father's Day visit to Three Tree Lodge served as a reminder of the importance of intergenerational connections and the power of simple acts of kindness. It was a day filled with love, laughter, and the enduring spirit of community.

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Year 7-9 Pastoral Care Co-ordinator

As we approach the end of Term 3, I wanted to take a moment to congratulate our wonderful students for their outstanding efforts and achievements this term. It has been a remarkable few weeks filled with accomplishments, and I am delighted to share the highlights with you.

Our recent participation in the National Day of Action against Bullying was a resounding success. I would like to express my gratitude to Mrs Bennett, Miss Millar, Mrs Johnston, Mrs Dixon,  Mrs Kiely and everyone who contributed to making cake, slices, muffins or running the stall at recess. Together, we raised over $200 for the Dolly's Dream Foundation, a remarkable achievement that will undoubtedly make a meaningful impact.

Our National Day of Action against Bullying Art Competition received an overwhelming response, with over 30 incredible entries. I want to thank each participant for sharing their creativity with us. Congratulations to Alice Drenenberg for securing the first-place prize, generously donated by Eve's in Lithgow. Maya White received our second place, followed closely by Milla Collins and Blake Griffiths in third place. All received a box of favourite chocolates. We will be displaying all entries in the Wellbeing Hub for the remainder of the Term. 

Our "Year 5 Taster Day" on 5th September was an enjoyable and educational experience for local primary school students. They had the opportunity to immerse themselves in Science, Agriculture, Sport, and Japanese lessons, gaining a glimpse into life at La Salle Academy. I want to extend my appreciation to all who made this day possible, especially our Year 10 Peer Support Leaders, who went above and beyond to ensure its success, including managing the BBQ and of course our teachers Mrs Walker, Mrs McCarron, Mrs Carroll, Mrs Doohan and Mrs Hodgkinson.

As we bid farewell to Week 8, we want to wish our Year 11 students the very best as they prepare to face their upcoming exams. Your hard work and dedication will undoubtedly pay off, and we are confident in your abilities to excel. 

I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to all our students for their dedication and hard work in completing their assessment tasks this term. The quality and effort put into these tasks were truly commendable. Your commitment to your studies is both inspiring and impressive.

If you have any questions or concerns related to wellbeing or any other matter, please do not hesitate to reach out. Wishing you all a restful and rejuvenating weekend ahead.

Positive reinforcement changes behaviour for the better, while criticism stabilises negative behaviours and blocks change. Virginia H. Pearce

Mrs Wilsmore-Smith 

Year 7-9 Pastoral Welfare Coordinator

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Counsellor's Corner

R U OK? I’m here to hear…

La Salle Academy are proudly supporting R U Ok? Day on Thursday 14th September!

Please ‘accessorise’ your school uniform with something yellow next Thursday to let your friends and peers know that you are here to support them. Think yellow shoelaces, yellow hair accessories – we want to see how creative you can get!

The SRC will be also be selling yellow ribbons for $1 and will donate all proceeds to the Youth Lithgow Drop in Space which operates every Tuesday from 3:30- 6pm at the WSU Hub (Corner of Mort and Bridge Streets). Please bring your spare change to donate to this great initiative.

Ask today, R U Ok? To let the people you care about know that you’re here, to really hear them.

Take care of yourself, and of each other
Tegan Kiely

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From the Youth Minister

Hi everyone! It’s Charlotte here, the Youth Minister. I’m here to run a recap on the
events that have come up recently in our Youth Ministry! 

We recently celebrated the Mass of the Assumption on the 15th of August. We had a
beautiful Mass and our choir sung wonderfully. A big thank you to Mr Pearce who
worked tirelessly with our choir, and another big thank you to Ms Redden who
helped our readers practise.

In week 5, our Year 9 CSYMI class went to Orange to participate in Rise Up, an
event run by the diocese and led by Emmanuel Worship. The students really enjoyed
themselves and had lots of fun singing and dancing. I know that I enjoyed myself,
being able to sing and dance on stage with the band! It was a great opportunity for
our students to get out and meet people from other schools doing the same things as
them! We give a big thank you to Miss Tannous who supervised our students and
helped them throughout the day.

I have also recently been working with the other schools in Lithgow, both St Patrick’s
and St Joseph’s. Along with Alek, the Youth Minister at James Sheehan Catholic
High School in Orange, we ran a retreat for Year 3 where they learnt what the
meaning behind the Eucharist was. The students really enjoyed themselves, with lots
of dancing and singing, as well as group sharing. 
That’s it from me, I can’t wait to see what else we have coming up!

Charlotte Edwards
Youth Minister

“Year 9 students participating in the Catholic Schools Youth Ministry International program
attended a faith formation day in Orange with students from schools from around the
diocese. These students had a fantastic time connecting with youth ministers, members of
the Emmanuel Worship band from Brisbane, and students from other schools and
discovering a range of ways to participate in reflection and worship. As these students are
looking forward to running a reflection day for primary school students at La Salle Academy,
they engaged in the day with enthusiasm and learnt many tips for running a fun and thought-
provoking event. All students in attendance expressed their enjoyment throughout the day
and can’t wait to attend the next faith formation event.” - Isabelle Tannous
“The Rise Up day was a very enjoyable and eye opening experience. It was also very fun,
we met a lot of nice and interesting people, and it was a lovely opportunity to meet new
people from other schools. And the brownies they supplied us with for morning tea were
immaculate!” - Violet Younger
“On Thursday the 17th of August we attended Rise Up. There we learned to worship Jesus
through music and dance. My favourite part was the food, for recess we had brownies,
éclairs and fruit. For lunch we had wood fire pizza, salads and juice.” - Glen Okon
“During the Rise Up day, I had the pleasure of meeting new people and forming connections,
participating in enjoyable games, and being entertained by a band that played lots of songs.
Also, the event brought delightful treats such as brownies and they also made pizza to
enhance the experience.” - Isaac Greenwood

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Assistant Principal

Attendance  Matters
As we approach the final weeks of Term 3 and emerge from the cold and challenging time of winter illness, getting up and getting to school each day becomes a little easier. I cannot emphasise enough the importance of making that effort. I challenged our students at the beginning of the year to do one thing for themselves and that was to simply to show up, each and every day. Sadly the attendance rates of many of our students has declined in recent months and we need to do better.  We all know that attending school consistently lays the foundation for academic success and personal growth. Recent statistics from the Productivity Commission of Australia,  underscore the importance of this matter.

Here are the key facts form this report:

  • Nationally in 2022, across all schools attendance rates decreased from year 7 to year 10 — from 87.3 percent to 82.9 per cent. 
  • Students with excellent attendance records are 30% more likely to achieve higher grades compared to those with sporadic attendance. 
  • Consistent school attendance is strongly linked to improved social skills, enhanced problem-solving abilities, and increased participation in extracurricular activities.

At La Salle Academy, we are committed to fostering an engaging and safe learning environment. Regular attendance not only ensures that students do not miss out on vital lessons but also helps them build crucial time management skills and a sense of responsibility. Our committed teaching staff work to deliver quality education, and your support in ensuring your child's punctuality and attendance will help us in our aims to improve student success for our young people.

We encourage you to please use Compass to update student attendance records. Keep up your communication with staff and Pastoral Care Coordinators so that we can work hand in hand to provide our students with the best opportunities for growth and success.  Together, we can empower our students to achieve their full potential.  

HSC Practical Marking begins!
Congratulations to HSC  students who in the next few weeks will be submitting for marking their practical HSC works.  Our Industrial Technology - Graphics students have already submitted their projects and marking will be conducted this week. Our Visual Arts students have also submitted their major works last week and for our Music 1 students they are in the final stages of rehearsal for their Final HSC performances next week.

We congratulate all of our students on their creative efforts and wish them all the best for the marking process. We also need to acknowledge all of the additional support and guidance provided by their teachers; Mrs Holgate for Graphics, Ms Cole for Visual Arts and Mr Pearce for Music. Well done to all!

Year 11 Exams
This week our Year 11 students will commence their end of course exams, beginning on Wednesday September 13th and concluding on Tuesday, September 19th. The students must be present for all exams and have been given a timetable for date and times for each subject. The Year 11 students are only required to attend school for their specific exams, however, students will not be allowed to leave the school in a vehicle driven by another student unless they have confirmed  parental permission on the student driver contract. If a student is unable to attend an exam due to illness a parent/guardian needs to ring the school office and inform us of the absence. We encourage our Year 11 cohort to use the days ahead to seek any additional guidance from their teachers and ensure they have committed themselves to adequate preparation for this important final task of their Year 11 course. We wish them the best of luck for the exam period!

Have a great week!
Katie Bennett

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Canberra Excursion

An Exciting Expedition: La Salle Academy's Unforgettable Canberra Excursion

La Salle Academy students recently embarked on an educational tour of the national capital. The expedition not only provided a break from routine but also offered an abundance of learning experiences, bonding moments, and memories to cherish for a lifetime. Students were given the opportunity to participate in a variety of educational programs with a focus on Australia’s history, culture, heritage, and democracy. The school was fortunate to have the support of the Australian Government which recognises the importance of all young Australians being able to visit the national capital as part of their Civics and Citizenship education. To assist families in meeting the cost of the excursion the Australian Government contributed funding of $45 per student under the Parliament and Civics Education Rebate program towards the cost of the excursion. The school acknowledges and would like to thank the Australian Government for helping to make the visit a reality.
The excursion commenced in the early morning as our excited group of students bid farewell to familiar grounds and set forth on a voyage of discovery. After a scenic journey through the Australian bush, we arrived in Canberra in the early afternoon. Our first stop was a visit to the High Court of Australia, where the students were exposed to the inner workings of the judicial system. The grandeur of the building and the insightful presentation by Brian, our guide, left us all in awe. Later in the evening, we visited the renowned Australian Institute of Sport, a paradise for sports enthusiasts. The guided tour unveiled the behind-the-scenes of world-class training facilities that have nurtured some of Australia's finest athletes. We were also given the opportunity to participate in some fun activities and engage in some friendly competition with Mr Coller clearly winning every event.

The second day started with a trip to the Museum of Australian Democracy (MoAD), a place where history came alive through interactive exhibits. The students were encouraged to ponder the significance of democracy in shaping the nation's identity. We then journeyed to the Mount Ainslie Lookout, treating us to panoramic views of the city.

Reenergised after lunch, we ventured to the National Gallery of Australia, where art and creativity converged. The diverse collection showcased both national and international artistic treasures including the famous Blue Poles by Jackson Pollock. A guided tour of the Australian Parliament House later in the day provided an in-depth understanding of the nation's governance system. The impressive architecture of the building was complemented by insights into parliamentary procedures.

The next day commenced with a visit to the National Museum of Australia, where the rich history of the land and its people was showcased through various exhibits. Next on the agenda, Cockington Green Gardens offered a whimsical escape, with meticulously
crafted miniature scenes from around the world. A visit to the the Australian War
Memorial followed and was a sobering yet essential part of the itinerary. The guided
tour led us through poignant displays of Australia's military history. 

The Last Post
Ceremony was a moving tribute, reminding us of the sacrifices made for our country.
Our final day in Canberra began with a visit to the National Zoo and Aquarium, where students had the chance to witness unique and exotic animals up close. We then reluctantly bid farewell to the capital city. The journey back was filled with chatter, laughter, and reminiscing about the unforgettable moments that made the trip a resounding success. The La Salle Academy's excursion to Canberra was not just a getaway even though the go-kart race, which Mr Coller clearly won by a mile, proved to be the most enjoyable experience for most.; it was an educational journey, a chance to explore new horizons, and a platform for building lasting connections. Through each carefully curated tour, the students gained valuable insights into history, governance, culture, and more. This expedition will surely remain etched in their memories as an adventure that broadened their horizons and enriched their perspectives.

The trip was only made possible with the assistance of Robert Miller, Keely Millar, Kimberley Dixon and Mary Cassar. I’m sure all the students who participated in this epic adventure would join me in thanking them for their hard work in ensuring a successful time was had by all.

Jonathan Coller,
HSIE Department

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