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La Salle Academy Chess Team travelled to Bathurst to play against Scot’s All Saints in the second round of the NSW Junior Chess League tournament. While all the games were tightly contested, we didn't manage to secure a victory this time. Nonetheless, our team has shown significant growth in both confidence and skill. The next team we will be versing is Skillset Senior College.

Kind regards

Helen Johnston

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Mothers Day Celebrations!

A wonderful initiative from our Student Representative Council who organised to go to Three Tree Lodge Aged Care Service in Lithgow today to spread the Mother's Day message. Our students prepared Mother's Day cards for the women of the lodge and spent a morning getting to know the residents. This was a student led initiative supported by their mentor, Mrs Johnston. We are super proud of the outreach and social justice initiatives that our students are engaging in! LSA Proud!

Kind regards
Helen Johnston

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Literacy at La Salle

The CEDB is committed to improving the academic outcomes of students in the diocese and has identified literacy development as a key factor in the achievement of these outcomes. We know that literacy is vital to the success of our students at school and beyond and to aid the growth of these skills within our students, the role of Literacy Coach has been established in every secondary school within the diocese. 
The aim of this role is to work closely with the School Leadership Team, KLA Coordinators and teaching staff to develop teaching and learning strategies which support the unique literacy needs found within each subject area. The Literacy Coach is supported in this endeavour by the CEDB English Literacy Education Officer, Kristi Ryan and the CEDB Head of Learning, Teaching and Wellbeing, Rose-Marie van Raad.

At La Salle we believe that:

  •  Literacy is a collective responsibility of all Key Learning Areas.
  • Each Key Learning Area has discipline or subject specific literacy skills.
  •  Every teacher communicates their subject through academic language.
  •  Writing is embedded progressively and systematically in each syllabus.
  •  Literacy is fundamental for success in school and later life.

This initiative began at the start of the year and the literacy focus has been on developing the writing skills of our students. Backed by evidence based research published in the Guidance Report by the organisation Evidence For Learning, three key strategies have been identified which underpin the approach to developing literacy: 

* Prioritise ‘disciplinary literacy’ across the curriculum

* Provide targeted vocabulary instruction in every subject

* Break down complex writing tasks

Throughout this semester, professional development opportunities have been provided for  staff in areas relating to establishing a common framework for paragraph writing in Stage 4 and identifying strategies to assist students in Stage 6 to break down complex writing tasks. Our Teaching and Learning Coordinator, Dr. Donna Mitchell, has further supported staff in these sessions to explore teaching strategies which enable the creation of more sophisticated written expression, particularly those explored in the CEDB professional learning day with Michael McDowell. Staff also generously volunteer to share their teaching and learning successes in  development of resources and strategies within the classroom which fosters collegiality amongst staff.
The staff at La Salle have been very welcoming of this initiative and have worked collaboratively to aid its implementation within the school. We look forward to further developing the literacy skills of our students and seeing their growth in this area.

Mrs Melissa Devine
Literacy Coach

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Pastoral Welfare Co-ordinator Years 10 - 12

Real Talk. Real what?? I hear you say. Real Talk is an online page that you as a parent have access to. I will include the link below and all you need to do is sign up. It is free and I believe as a parent of teenagers it has some pretty useful links. There are loads of links to websites, apps and videos across a range of topics. Sextortion for example is something you should be aware of as a parent. It unfortunately is rising and is very common amongst our 13-17 year old boys who are the number one age group falling for this trap. 

Year 10 work experience is fast approaching. Please be aware that each student in year 10 has access to a google classroom with a lot of advice and pages on work experience. If you are having difficulty in this area with gaining placement somewhere please do not hesitate to reach out for support. The best person to contact is Mrs Donna Mitchell who is facilitating this experience for year 10. 

Year 12 are aware that the HSC written exam timetable was released late last week. This should be printed and placed somewhere in the study/bedroom area with highlighted times and dates for the appropriate exams. Also be aware that the trial HSC is in week 3 of next term. Study at home should be really starting to ramp up so that by next week students should be completing on average around 1 hour per subject per week of study. That is extra work which could include writing summary notes, writing flash cards, completing past exams or completing notes and reading of extra research. Be aware that the 1 hour per subject is minimum and some students could be doing up to 2 hours per subject before the exams in week 3. It is like anything, the more work you put in the greater the reward. 

Year 11 are now moving almost into the halfway point of their course. Study and notes should also be completed so that you too are ready for the end of year 11 exams in the final weeks of term 3. 

Happy Mothers day to all mother reading this. Here is the link to real talk

 Stephen Carroll
Year 10-12 Coordinator.

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Year 7-9 Pastoral Care Co-ordinator

Welcome back to term 2! I have had a lovely couple of weeks hearing all about your children’s holiday adventures and activities. I hope they are feeling refreshed and ready for a busy term ahead. Coming up for year 7-9 this term we have Parent teacher interviews, Spelling Bee, Diocesan Basketball, CCC Hockey, Athletics Carnival, Atlassian Visit, Year 9 Camp, Year group retreats, Netball gala day and that is just naming a few!

One thing I want to discuss with such a busy term coming up is the importance of sleep for our young people. The Australian Department of Health recommends the following amount of sleep for young people:
12-13 years: 9-11 hours of uninterrupted night sleep
14-17 years: 8-10 hours of uninterrupted night sleep
Consistent bed and wake-up times for all young people.

Studies have shown that around a quarter of 12-15 year-olds and half of 16-17 year-olds don’t get enough sleep on school nights. We are seeing the impacts of this every day as teachers. Students in our classes have difficulty both concentrating and recalling key concepts as a result of lack of sleep. Studies also show that young people who do not meet their sleep needs experience lower moods, poor emotional regulation and increased symptoms associated with anxiety and depression.

You can support your children’s sleep by creating a conducive environment and establishing healthy habits. Encourage them to maintain a consistent sleep schedule, even on weekends. Minimise screen time before bed, as the blue light emitted by devices can disrupt their natural sleep-wake cycle; instead, encourage calming activities like reading or listening to music. Ensure their sleep environment is comfortable, quiet, and dark, and discourage caffeine consumption in the evening. Lastly, promote relaxation techniques such as deep breathing or meditation (check out Smiling Minds app) to help them unwind and prepare for a restful night's sleep.

Ms Tahni Isedale
7-9 Pastoral Care Co-ordinator

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Library News

New HSC Reference Section
The newest addition to our non-fiction collection is the HSC Reference Texts section. This section, located in the Senior Study area of the library, is solely devoted to Preliminary and HSC texts and covers a range of Key Learning Areas. The books on offer range from textbooks and study guides to NESA Exam workbooks highlighting sample responses from past HSC exams. Our students are encouraged to make effective use of these resources to maximise their study and assessment/exam preparation.

Book Donations from the Porter Family
A huge thank you to Mr David Porter for the generous donation of non-fiction books he kindly passed onto us from the estate of his late brother Mr Dennis Porter, a Lithgow resident who unfortunately passed away last December at the age of 82. Mr Dennis Porter, a former Sutherland Shire resident, worked in education as a teacher at De La Salle College, Caringbah from 1968 to the mid 1970's, and also as a marketing manager for a business college in the city where he established the marketing of educational placements for overseas students in Australian schools, colleges and universities. He also enjoyed the world of politics and was an elected member of Sutherland Shire Council in 1974 and in 1978 successfully challenged the sitting state MP for Cronulla. During this time, he collected an impressive personal library which included genres such as politics, biographies, history and religion, and we have been fortunate enough to be recipients of a selection of these texts. 

Stage 6 Study Skills
The Study Skills sessions for Stage 6 students continue this term and will address key areas such as effective study habits, time-management skills and note-taking. It is important that students ensure they have a well-balanced study schedule which also includes time for family/friends, sport/hobbies and part time jobs. Equally as important is that they are using their study time effectively. Students have been exploring a range of valuable habits and strategies to maximise their study time.

New Books
Each month we receive a delivery of new fiction titles for our collection. Some of the wonderful texts on offer this month are:

The Reappearance of Rachel Price by Holly Jackson
A new true-crime fueled mystery thriller about a girl determined to uncover the shocking truth about her missing mother while filming a documentary on the unsolved case.

Lights. Camera. Lies.
From world-renowned author Holly Jackson comes a mind-blowing masterpiece about one girl’s search for the truth, and the terror in finding out who your family really is.

Fantasy Sports 1 by Sam Bosma
A fast-paced sports adventure graphic novel in the vein of 1960’s manga. In Sam Bosma’s debut graphic novel, a young explorer and her musclebound friend go treasure hunting in a mummy’s tomb—but if they want to get rich, they’re going to have to beat the mummy in a game of hoops! Can they trust their bandaged adversary to play by the rules? Or will they be stuck in the tomb… forever?

Best wishes, 
Mrs Devine

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Youth Minister

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday and is ready to be back for term 2. There are many very exciting opportunities for students to be involved with this term including CSYMI which we have 28 year 9 and 10 students participating in, The LaSallian Ministry team and our Rise youth festival which will be celebrated by many students from year 6-9 across our diocese. All of these activities support students with great opportunities to build on their leadership skills, meet new people and to make a difference within our school. 

I am also very excited to announce that we will be having our first ever Youth Group for students in years 7-10 next Friday the 17th of May from 5-7pm. This will be a fun evening filled with games and includes a meal as well. I hope to see some of our students there! 

Have a great fortnight.
Imogen Della Bosca
La Salle Youth Minister

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Leader of Teaching and Learning

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire".
William Butler Yeats

This week we are launching Evolve- ED, our new teaching and learning initiative designed to provide our students with support to enhance their learning.
As we introduce this to our students as an opportunity, we are reminded of the importance of seeking help when needed and embracing new opportunities that come our way.
The Evolve program recognises that it's okay not to have all the answers and to find some things difficult. Our school community is here to support our students and Evolve provides an additional avenue for our students to reach out for help.
The Evolve program also recognises that life is full of opportunities waiting to be seized. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone as each new experience offers valuable lessons and insights that contribute to your personal and academic growth. We hope to be able to provide a range of experiences and that these will provide new challenges that help us all to grow.
At the same time, I would like to recognise the broad range of opportunities available within the school. Our teachers and support staff work hard every day to light the fire of learning and our students engage with these opportunities in a range of diverse ways. The important part of this is engagement and this is what I challenge us all to do- engage to learn and don’t be scared to ask for help.

Dr Donna Mitchell
Leader of Teaching and Learning

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Girls Can Too!-Try a Trade
Last Friday 3 rd May six La Salle Year 10 girls participated in Civil Construction as part
of the Girls Can Too! program being delivered at Lithgow TAFE.
The ‘Girls Can Too!’ program provides an opportunity for high school aged women to explore careers in non-traditional trades while connecting them with local employers.
The program supports the NSW government women in trades strategy and funded by Trades Pathways Program and Regional Industry Education Program (RIEP). The girls will experience a different trade each week – construction, civil construction, joinery, tiling, traffic control, electrical; go on an industry tour, meet industry mentors, work experience opportunities and learn about futureeducation/employment pathways.
Girls Can Too! Lithgow delivered by #TAFE NSW uniforms supplied by #Hunter Mining Methods, #JR Mining, #Reliable Conveyor Belts #Centennial Coal also supported by #Thales Group #Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure # Energy Australia
Western Sydney University- Nursing and Midwifery Immersion Day
On day 1 of Term 2, a group of Year 10 and Year 11 students travelled to the Parramatta
campus of Western Sydney University for the Nursing and Midwifery Immersion Day.
The students learned about university study in nursing and midwifery, while experiencing it first-hand through activities including patient care, infection control, skills in midwifery and baby swaddling. It was a brilliant practical day that gave our students an insight into university and the nursing profession.
Work Experience- Year 10
Year 10 Work Experience will occur in Weeks 9 and 10. This is a great opportunity
for our students to experience the workplace and try out potential careers.
All students have been provided with the required documentation in hard copy. Extra copies of all forms are available from Dr Mitchell and from the Front Office.
Students and parents/carers also have access to information and support on the Year 10 Work Experience google classroom. Electronic copies of all of the forms are available on this classroom.
If students are not sure about what career they may be interested in, they also have
access to Career Tools. This is a great platform that allows them to explore a range
of career options and their own suitability. Details are on the google classroom.
Year 10- Careers Information Day
To support Year 10 Work Experience and Subject Selection in Term 3, we are
holding a Careers Information Day on May 14 th . This day includes a Careers Fair with
local employers, guest speakers and preparation time to complete requirements for
work experience. This event provides a great opportunity for our students to focus
on their future and explore possibilities.
If you have any questions about anything Careers related please don’t hesitate to
contact me.

Dr Donna Mitchell
Careers Advisor

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Basic Student Stationary Pack

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Canteen- Flexischools App

We have the flexischools app for your convenience order online - See the flyers below with instructions on how to order

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Assistant Principal

Parent Teacher Interviews
Thank you to all of our parents and carers who were able to book for interviews with teachers and attend our Parent Teacher on Tuesday evening. It was wonderful to see that so many teachers were fully booked for their allotted time slots. The best outcomes for all students happen when parents and the school can work in partnership. If you were unable to secure a booking we encourage you to make contact with the office or the teachers directly as we will be happy to have a meeting at an alternate time or over the phone. There will be a second opportunity for parent teacher interviews in Term 3 following the publishing of the Semester 1 Reports.

School Events
It is great to see students participating in the extra events that have been happening around the school recently. Especially the Girls can Too initiative where a small group of Year 10 girls have been attending training each Friday to try out different trades. This program will give insights into what it is like to complete a trade in Plumbing, Fitting and Machining and Construction. I hope our students enjoy this opportunity.
Mothers Day Breakfast
It was an amazing breakfast for Mother’s Day this morning. The hall was full of families and it was so nice to see and feel the vibe that this community event has created. Special thanks go to Mr Carpenter and Mrs Wilsmore-Smith for all of the organising and set up on the morning and also to Leanne in the Canteen and Edward our Groundsman for setting up of the BBQ’s. Well done to Mr Carroll and the Year 11 students who helped cook for all of our families.

Mrs Jenny Holgate
Assistant Principal

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From the Religious Education Coordinator

As we approach Mother's Day this weekend, let us take a moment to honour all mothers and motherly figures in our lives. In the words of Mother Teresa, "It is not how much we do, but how much love we put in the doing. It is not how much we give, but how much love we put in the giving." Let us show appreciation and gratitude for the love they have and continue to show us. I am very grateful for having such an amazing and supportive mother in my life, she is my rock, and I hope that in turn I am the rock my daughters need throughout their lives. From one mother to another, I wish everyone a memorable weekend. 
Welcome to Catholic Schools Week! This week is not just a celebration of our Catholic faith but also a beautiful reminder of the values and principles that we hold and how they continue to guide us in our journey of spiritual growth and education.  This year, we have some exciting programs and initiatives being launched during Catholic Schools Week to enrich the experience of our students and their faith. 

Our Sacramental Program is for any students in grades 7-12 who are eager to embark on the sacred journey of their Catholic sacraments this year. We are pleased to announce the launch of our Sacramental Program that will commence in the later part of Term 2. This program will provide guidance, support, and meaningful experiences as students deepen their understanding while completing their sacraments. We are hosting an Expression of Interest Parent Evening on 22nd May in the Chapel at La Salle Academy for any parents wanting to learn more about this process from 5-6pm. 

Imogen Della Bosca and I will be running our first Youth Group Gathering on Friday 17th May from 5-7pm in the Hall at La Salle Academy. This evening will be filled with fellowship and fun games. Dinner will be provided. It's a chance for students to unwind, connect with their peers, and strengthen their bonds within our faith community. This gathering is for La Salle students in Years 7-10. 

This year we will be implementing a Lasallian Ministry Team who will play a vital role in fostering the Lasallian spirit within our school community alongside our SRC and Senior Leaders. Nominations were due last Friday and the 10 successful students will be announced this coming week. 

Catholic Schools Youth Ministry International (CSYMI) Year 9 Youth Ministry and Year 10 Leadership Program will commence this Thursday morning with over 25 students from grades 9 and 10. This program aims to empower students to become leaders in their faith community while deepening their understanding of Catholic teachings.

Our weekly student-led class Liturgies commence this week in our Chapel. Our Year 7-12 students will embrace this opportunity by taking the lead in organising and participating in weekly liturgies. These gatherings offer a special opportunity for our students and staff to come together in prayer and reflection.
Additionally just a reminder that Breakfast Club is every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday morning from 8:20-8:45am. Students are reminded they must be accompanied by Imogen to access the breakfast room in the Learning Centre and not come in and help themselves unsupervised.  
Finally, this morning we celebrated Mother’s Day with our students' motherly figures. A delicious smell of bacon and coffee flew through the air. Thank you to all our students who helped in the organising and running of this very successful event. The sea of creativity and effort from over 80 students who participated in our Mother's Day colouring competition certainly helped make this a special occasion.  While only one student from each stage group could be first place and win a $50 hamper for their motherly figure, every entry was filled with love and appreciation. 

Congratulations to our winners: 
Stage 4: 1st Place went to Kaya Wyludek and 2nd Place went to Matai Aiaga

Stage 5: 1st Place went to Emma Durnford and 2nd Place went to Arwen Coombs

Stage 6: 1st Place went to Cailin Case and 2nd Place went to Emma Rushworth

Thank you to everyone who generously purchased a raffle ticket over the last few days for our Mother's Day Raffle. Your support and participation is greatly appreciated, and your contributions will go a long way in benefiting our local community. A special thank you goes out to Bouquets by Design, Zig Zag Motel, Ms. Leanne Case and Nevaeh Beauty for their generosity in donating the raffle prizes. 

All proceeds from the raffle will be directed towards the 'Lithgow Community Projects' and Bathurst Uniting Support Services (BUSS), helping to make a positive impact on those in need. 

Congratulations to our lucky winners: 
Ms Vy Luong 1st Place $100 voucher to Bouquets by Design

Ms Bobbie Beckingham 2nd Place $100 voucher to Frankies

Ms Leanne Case 3rd Place $50 voucher to Nevaeh Beauty

Ms Leanne Case 4th Place Ferrero Hamper. 

With warm regards,
Mrs Wilsmore-Smith
Religious Education Coordinator

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School Zones Reminder

A reminder to all our parents that school zones remain in place for the safety of our children and families. School zones operate on all gazetted school days, which are all the days the school is open, even pupil free days. 

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From the Principal

This week I reminded students of one of the challenges that I set for them at the start of 2024, ‘Taking Responsibility!’. More often than not, we consider that term when we have done something wrong and an apology is due, or a consequence is pending. However, this week, I asked our students to consider the idea of taking responsibility to frame positive outcomes for themselves, their peers, the school and our community.

Recently we have much to celebrate at La Salle Academy:
 Year 10 Girls engaging in Try-a-Trade;
 Students being accepted for ADF Work experience (from a pool of 15000 candidates);
 Sporting successes;
 Academic achievements and positive parent-teacher conferences;
 Community engagement in ANZAC day ceremonies and events.
In each of these success stories, students have taken responsibility to put their hand up, ask to be
involved, trained and studied hard or give up time with their friends and computers.

Increasingly, many students wait to be told what to do, or only engage in an activity if it is not going
to take them away from something else they like doing, like playing computer games or spending
time on social media. Opportunities are plentiful and success awaits those students who are willing
to take responsibility and take a chance at doing something that might not be popular. I would
challenge our parents/guardians to ask their child, ‘what are you going to take responsibility for?’. I
am hoping that my message resonated with all of our students.

La Salle Academy is offering a wide array of opportunities, yet sometimes we struggle to have
students engage for the fear of being judged. This is a conundrum that many of our students face –
do I take responsibility to extend myself and be a better version of myself, or am I afraid of ruining
my image and looking different? This is a cultural question that needs to be addressed – but who is
responsible? Collectively our children need to make a stand and call out bad behaviour, challenge
inappropriate language, embrace opportunities and make a stand for those that make judgements. I
would hope that this is the school and community that your children wish to live in. When we can
achieve this, we will have confident, resilient and passionate young people who will challenge
themselves academically and socially to be the best version of themselves. This is the hope of all
teachers and staff at La Salle Academy and we come to work in the hope of helping students make
this stand and change.

God Bless

Mr Glenn Carpenter

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Planet Youth Lithgow Summit

On Tuesday 26th March, eighteen students in Years 8 and 9 represented young people at La Salle
Academy as they attended the Planet Youth Lithgow Summit at the Lithgow Transformation Hub. This
event was aimed at addressing issues pertinent to young people in Lithgow. Students were tasked with
engaging in discussions spanning various domains in Lithgow, with the ultimate goal of communicating
their needs and learning about opportunities arising in the community.
The summit provided a platform for our students to immerse themselves in workshops, discussions, and
presentations led by industry experts. Throughout the day, our students enthusiastically participated in
workshops led by skilled facilitators from Planet Youth Lithgow alongside students from Lithgow High
School, brainstorming and presenting innovative solutions to address pressing youth issues. Discussions
with representatives from a range of youth services and community members offered valuable insights
and networking opportunities. The pinnacle of the event was the opportunity for our students to step
outside their comfort zone and develop leadership skills by presenting the results of their discussions,
demonstrating their commitment to effecting positive change within the community. The Planet Youth
Lithgow Summit was an excellent experience for our students, empowering them to become catalysts for
meaningful action in their local community.
“I thought the Summit was interesting and engaging. I enjoyed the time there and hopefully get a chance
to go back later.” - Noah Fitzpatrick, Year 8
“I liked and learnt about how we can improve and make the town a better place.” - Bella Wilds, Year 9
“One thing I liked about the Summit was talking with the groups and getting to create ideas and express
our opinions.” - Jasmin Cole, Year 9

Ms Isabelle Tannous 

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Science News

Science X: Ignite

Science X: Ignite was a three-day program specially designed to offer regional students a taster of
university-level scientific research. This year, the event occurred at The Foundations Portland,
running from Wednesday 20 th  March to Friday 22 nd  March. The event provided an opportunity for
students to begin envisioning their future in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and
At the event, students joined one of two research groups to conduct an authentic research project
delivered by science graduates currently undertaking postgraduate research. The students were
introduced to cutting-edge research tools and methodologies.
Students were involved in hands-on research labs and workshop sessions, learning more
science skills and new techniques in data creation, collection and analysis. For 2024, the research
projects undertaken focused on astronomy, incorporating chemistry and physics and viruses
incorporating biology and health. 
A more comprehensive breakdown of the three-day program looked like this:
Astronomy Group
Students were introduced to the concepts of biosignatures and exoplanets in attempting to search for
life in our solar system. The types of exoplanets were discussed and which of these are potential
candidates for biosignature searches. The types of biosignatures and their limitations were discussed.
Students were introduced to spectroscopy – the science behind detecting molecules, specifically
phosphine PH 3 that could indicate life on other planets. They were also introduced to computer
modelling through WebMO and Python notebook as tools for spectroscopy.
Viruses Group
Students were introduced to diseases and modelling. They undertook data science activities with
disease data. They performed an investigation to extract DNA from strawberries.
Within both groups, students worked collaboratively and with the postgraduate students to make
discoveries, finalise their presentations and present their findings to an audience through a question-
and-answer session.
Both groups were treated to a tour of the STEAMworks venue onsite and learnt about the geology
and history connections of the venue. They received a talk from a post graduate economic geologist
about the mining of ores within Australia and the careers available in this field.
Students were under teacher supervision throughout the three days of the event.
I would like to acknowledge Mrs. Lalitha Plumb for her assistance in supervising the students at the
event and also Mr. Glenn Carpenter, Mr. Greg Devine and Mr. Peter Tracey for driving the students to
and from the event.
These students are to be acknowledged for their involvement in the event:
Molly Lambert, Dallyce Rose, Mia Hamilton, Rebecca Martignago, Glen Okon, Layla Roberts, Macy Brown, Libby Bailey, Briea Lampton.

J. MacKinnon

Science and Engineering Challenge
On Monday 25 th March, a squad of students from Years 8, 9 and 10 at La Salle Academy participated in the University of Newcastle Science and Engineering Challenge at Charles Sturt University Bathurst. Students were organized into teams, with each team either doing one full-day activity or two half-day activities. Teams were awarded points for each activity. The school team with the most points at the end of the day was declared the winning team and had the opportunity to compete at a higher level later in the year. La Salle Academy was placed 7th out of 8 teams at the competition.
Information about each of the activities undertaken at the challenge are listed below.
Fish Traps
The aim of this half-day activity was to build structures using 3D printed rocks and sticks to catch specific types and amounts of fish represented by different sized marbles as they swam along the river.
The aim of this half-day activity was to design and build a balsa glider to travel a substantial distance, land on a specific landing zone and hit a target.
The aim of this half-day activity was to build two towers which are tall and strong. The second tower also
needed to be resistant to shaking.
Job Juggle
The aim of this half-day activity was to complete and optimise as many work schedules as possible.
Wind Turbine
The aim of this half-day activity was to design and build a model wind turbine (including tail) that generated the greatest amount of speed and power as wind from a fan pushed the blades.
The aim of this full-day activity was to build a light and strong model bridge to carry ‘gold’
ingots from one side of the test rig to the other.
Confounding Communications
The aim of this half-day activity is to design efficient codes to send messages along fibre
optic rods using only pulses of coloured light.
The aim of this half-day activity was to provide electricity to as much of the city’s infrastructure as
possible, at the lowest possible cost, hopefully making a profit!
I would like to thank Mrs. Tracey Legge for her assistance during the day and to acknowledge the participation of the following students:
Year 8
Mason Evans, Noah Fitzpatrick, Harry Luka, Beau Hughan, Beau Nicholls, Ben Adam Baysa,
Kristian Scarlett, Adam Trifogli, Dante Fitzgerald
Year 9
Maddison Case, Natalie Beaton, Cassidy Penning, Deborah Hague, Rebecca Martignago, Bella Wilds
Charlotte Joyce, Mary Romanous
Year 10
Violet Younger, Zachary Fitzpatrick, Addison Schobbe, Glen Okon, Isabella Faunce, Kaiden Beckett,
Jack Luka, Aydin Bayer-Barrow, Molly Lambert, Libby Bailey, Mia Hamilton, Layla Roberts,
Mitchell Scott

J. MacKinnon

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Pastoral Welfare Co-ordinator Years 10 - 12

Term 1 is fast coming to an end. It is funny how as we get older time seems to go a little faster. Talking with the various year groups it is a point I make in regards to what their goals are for the year and how fast the year flies by. 

Some time soon there will be reports available. Year 12 have their mid course report where they can see how they are tracking. For most courses they are more than half way through and have completed maybe 45% of their total school HSC assessment. These results can be a very good yard stick in regards to how well they are tracking and if they are on target to achieve their desired result. I spoke with year 12 only last week about this exact topic. I gave them several ways in which they should be revising including taking notes, reading their notes, reading extra supplementary material, completing past papers and completing modules on Atomi. Your year 12 student should be completing at least 1 hour of study per subject per week. To add to this, obviously the more work you put into something the more rewards you reap at the end. My final point to add here is that most students have study lessons at school. Those that can work independently and remain focused to complete work will again reap the benefits. However I would say that most are not making the most of this time. 

Year 11’s would have just completed their first assessment task and be given results. I was fortunate enough to see the year 11 biology models. They were very pleasing and I am sure there will be some students that will be rewarded for their efforts here. Again, year 11 should be putting time aside each week to complete notes, reading and Atomi modules so they too can be ready for their final year 11 exams at the end of term 3. Year 11 is ⅓ completed already. Back to how time flies. 

As I write this report, my year 10 class are writing an extended response question in class. A taste of what is to come. If we can keep the expectations high and ensure that they are ready for what is to come in stage 6 it can only lead to students reaching their potential. 

One point that has been made is that to really achieve one of the most important things we can do is ensure that our students are sitting in the classroom and engaged in lessons. Staying home for trivial reasons, holidays during the school term only add pressure to the student and leads to them not being able to fully understand the various concepts studied in class. Take home message is be at school every day as it sets up great habits for later life.

Mr Stephen Carroll
Year 10-12 Coordinator.

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Year 7-9 Pastoral Care Co-ordinator

As we near the end of term one, it's crucial to take a moment to reflect on the goals our students set for the year ahead. Evaluation is an essential part of our educational journey, allowing us to assess our progress, celebrate successes, and identify areas for improvement. As teachers, parents, and students, we all play a role in this process. I encourage all families to sit down this week and reflect on the academic, personal, and social developments over the past school term:

  • What subjects did you find most challenging this term, and why?

  • Which subjects did you excel in, and what do you think contributed to your success?

  • What was the most memorable thing you learned this term, and why?

  • What did my attendance look like this past term? What steps can I take to improve this?

  • What are you proud of accomplishing outside of academics this term?

  • Did you make any new friends or strengthen existing friendships this term? How did these relationships impact your experience at school this term?

  • What goals would you like to set for yourself academically, personally, or socially for term 2? How can I support you in achieving these goals?

    By asking these reflective questions, parents can foster open communication with their children, gain insights into their experiences, and provide support in the areas their children are finding more challenging. 
    I wish everyone a restful autumn break and look forward to hearing about these reflections in term 2.

Ms Tahni Isedale
7-9 Pastoral Care Co-ordinator

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