Retreat & Reflection Days

Reflection Days

Days such as this are an important part of the spiritual life of the school and assist in student’s development of their personal faith journey

All reflection days are facilitated by the Young Lasallian team.

Young Lasallian Youth Ministry is:

  • the ongoing accompaniment of young people,
  • utilising the best available knowledge, skills and training,
  • to promote their integral and ongoing human and spiritual development,
  • inclusive of the wide spectrum of belief traditions, personal histories and community contexts in which it occurs,
  • challenging them to engage fully with themselves as whole persons, with their local and global communities and with the challenges and beauty of our human family and our world,
  • encouraging them to do so through the eyes of faith and with the grounding of spiritual practice and a community of faith.

Year 7 : Building Community

The day invites students to think about the importance and value of community, while introducing and welcoming them to the Lasallian community that we are all a part of.

Year 9: Catch the Wave

Introduction to Youth Ministry

The sessions focus on the analogy of ‘catching the wave of faith’.  The retreat program is a resource of Catholic Schools Youth Ministry Australia.  CSYMA is a professional, teacher and church leader centred organisation, networking catholic schools and youth ministries (parishes and movements) for the mission of the church.

Catch the Wave invites students to reflect on:

  • Self-image
  • God’s love
  • Reconciliation

Year 9: Me, Myself and I

This day helps students to gain a better understanding of who they are, how their experiences shape their worldviews and how faith guides us in becoming more fully ourselves.

Year 10: Service. Opportunity. Sacrifice.

Students explore the idea that they have an opportunity to serve. We can each develop a heart for service, and in serving, we receive and grow.

Year 11: Leadership is Influence

The day centres around the following ideas:

  • leadership is the ability to influence others.
  • as we all possess this ability, we are therefore all leaders.
  • the challenge is to determine what type of leaders we want to be.

Year 11 Retreat

Retreat and reflection days form part of the distinctive character of Catholic schools. They recognise the individuality and dignity of each student by fostering their unique potential and spirituality. These occasions are a call for deep reflection where prayer, liturgy and scripture are at the centre of the experience.

Year 11 students spent two days on retreat at Katoomba. The focus of the retreat is celebrating the Liturgy, goal setting, personality types and team building.