Welcome To La Salle Academy Lithgow

La Salle Academy takes its name from the original Cooerwull Academy, replacing “Cooerwull” with “La Salle”. This latter honours the memory of St. John Baptist De La Salle, a French priest who established the teaching order of Brothers, named after him, over three hundred years ago. Since his death in 1719, his brothers, who now are of many different nationalities, have established educational institutions in many countries throughout the world.

The Brothers first came to Australia from Ireland in 1905.

In 1953 the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney purchased the property and the De La Salle Order was invited to start a Catholic School for boys. In 1968 the Academy became a co-educational junior secondary school. The De La Salle Brothers conducted the school until 1995 when full lay administration was commenced.

Apart from the Lithgow District, the school serves families from the upper Blue Mountains to Capertee.