Youth Ministry

There are many opportunities for Youth Ministry at La Salle Academy, including:


CSYMI is an international network of Catholic schools, founded by CSYMA (Catholic Schools Youth Ministry Australia). The vision for CSYMA is to inspire and equip Catholic schools to become centres of the New Evangelisation.

CSYMI Teaching Program- Year 9

All students in Year 9 are invited to enrol in the CYSMI program.

Unit Overview: Introduction to Youth Ministry

Students choose to undertake this unit of study in order to learn about the importance of Jesus’ life, ministry, death and resurrection to them as Christians and disciples living and ministering in the world today.

The course concludes with students planning and delivering a Youth Ministry Experience to Year 6 students.

Year 6 Retreat

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This event allows students to further explore their Christian faith and relationship with Jesus amongst other like-minded young people.

Through music, reflection, discussion, presentations and games students will have the opportunity to connect with their peers from across the diocese whilst also participating in new and innovative ways of uniting with and worshipping God.

Mission Ambassador Program for Students

Year 7 students Jena Yanothan and Samuel Edwards volunteered to be part of this program. Jena and Samuel met with David McGovern from Catholic Mission as part of their formation. They spoke as ambassadors for Catholic Mission at our Parish Mass on the 22nd and 23rd of October.


This activity is designed by Catholic Mission. Students in Years 7 and 8 will learn about the vulnerable children in Ethiopia who are facing malnutrition and food insecurity during Religious Education time. They then complete fun activities from the Mission Packs such as making a recycled soccer ball, and learning how children in Ethiopia live, learn, and play. The recycled soccer balls are being made to give our students a chance to identify with children in other parts of the world who only have homemade soccer balls to play with.